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Giant python swallows family's pet dog

A dog owner was left distraught after discovering her beloved pet had been eaten by a giant python. The Australian woman found the large snake curled up ... Full story

Woman gives birth to 'baby with two heads'

A woman has given birth to a baby with two heads in a hospital in northern India. The baby, or rather babies, are conjoined twins – ... Full story

Kristen Bell's revealing wardrobe malfunction

KRISTEN Bell wasn’t fast enough to fight off her very own Marilyn Monroe moment at the Veronica Mars premiere. The actress, 33, was caught off ... Full story

Another knife massacre in China

A FIGHT between two food stall owners at a market in southern China today left five people hacked to death and one person fatally shot ... Full story

Polluted urban river bursts into flames in China

An urban river was so polluted that it burst into flames when a passer-by dropped a lit cigarette into it. This incredible picture shows the extent ... Full story

British teen who had sex with girlfriend’s dog avoids jail

A teenager who filmed himself having sex with his girlfriend’s pet dog has avoided jail after a court heard ‘it was 30 seconds of madness’.   Wayne ... Full story

Manual from 1530s suggests ‘rocket cat attacks’ against enemies

YOU’RE a 16th century German prince plotting to crush a peasant rebellion. What’s a guy looking for a tactical edge to do? Bring on the ... Full story

Contestant on South Korea dating show commits suicide

A TOP South Korean television station faced a storm of media criticism following the shock suicide of a female contestant on its popular reality matchmaking ... Full story

Religious South African sect eats grass ‘to be close to God’

A PREACHER has told his followers to eat grass to cleanse themselves and be “closer to God”. The bizarre practice takes place at Rabboni Centre ... Full story

Two men found guilty of selling trade secrets to China

TWO men were found guilty of stealing an American company's secret recipe for making a chemical used to whiten products from cars to the middle ... Full story

British teacher suspended after ‘taping ten-year-old students mouths shut’ for giggling

A PRIMARY schoolteacher has been suspended for taping over the mouths of her 10-year-old students after they refused to stop giggling and talking. Priscila Davo ... Full story

RT anchor who spoke out against Ukraine invasion 'refuses to go to Crimea'

A Russian TV news presenter who spoke out about the country’s military invasion in Ukraine has said she has no intention of going to Crimea ... Full story

Oscar Pistorius ‘breaks down’, blocks ears

OSCAR Pistorius reportedly broke down in court as his defence lawyer argued that Reeva Steenkamp was so badly brain damaged by the gunshot to her ... Full story

Drunk tractor driver decapitates three people in head-on crash

A drunk tractor driver killed three people after crashing into their car head-on. Jacob Gavrilov, 43, caused the fatal accident when he swerved his large vehicle ... Full story

Russian troops threaten to open fire in tense stand-off

This is the moment tensions threatened to boil over in Crimea as Russian troops fired warning shots at a group of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers. Remarkable footage ... Full story

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