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Barack Obama: The face of Viagra in Pakistan

Sex is all about power, and nothing says power sex like Barack Obama dressed like James Bond. The US president has become the unwitting face of ... Full story

Pussy Riot whipped by militia during Sochi protest

Russia’s punk protest group Pussy Riot were whipped by militia after trying to perform in Sochi. Footage shows five women and one man – wearing signature ... Full story

Leopard kills boy, 5, on trip to toilet in India

A LEOPARD has killed a five-year-old boy in Central India in what is thought to be the beast’s second such deadly attack, police said on ... Full story

Ukraine protests explode in violence, 14 dead

In the most violent day of the 12-week protest against the Ukrainian president's partnering with Russia instead of the EU, seven civilians and six police ... Full story

School in Philippines ‘paid bills with child porn’

GOVERNMENT agents have raided an internet child porn operation based in a Philippine school and arrested its president and eight other people, investigators say. The ... Full story

Medical Student to be executed for the April Fool’s Day murder of roommate in China

A MEDICAL student who murdered his roommate at a prestigious Shanghai university by poisoning a drinking water dispenser has been sentenced to death by a ... Full story

Co-pilot 'hijacks plane' before diverting to Geneva

An Ethiopian Airlines plane has made an unscheduled landing in Switzerland after it was hijacked by its co-pilot, police have said. Flight ET702, scheduled to arrive ... Full story

Former hairdresser stabs prison chief to death instead of cutting his hair

AN INMATE has stabbed a prison governor to death with scissors after being ordered to give him a haircut, Tajikistan’s interior ministry says.. The 66-year-old ... Full story

Mom, 24, goes on drunken naked rampage after her live-in boyfriend refuses to have sex with her

Police have bailed a woman who was allegedly so incensed that her boyfriend wouldn’t have sex with her that she flew into a drunken and ... Full story

British woman looks through boyfriend’s phone, finds video of him having sex with her dog

A woman looking through her boyfriend’s phone was shocked when she found a clip of him having sex with her Staffordshire bull terrier. Wayne Bryson, from ... Full story

Judge bans man from internet for sending nude men to neighbor’s house

A US judge banned a man from the internet after he posted personal ads directing nude men to his neighbour’s home. Jason Willis, 31, posted ... Full story

Valentine’s Day roses hidden from religious police

RED roses lurk hidden in flower shop back rooms and heart-shaped chocolates are sold under the counter, but Saudis still manage to buy Valentine’s gifts ... Full story

Dad beats 11-year-old son to death 'with cricket bat' as kids look on

A father attacked and killed his 11-year-old son at the end of a cricket training session in front of a number of terrified witnesses, including the ... Full story

Mother ‘beheaded by lift doors’ in front of her young son

A 20-year-old woman was beheaded in front of her toddler following a freak lift accident, it has been revealed. Olga Tilinina, who lives near Moscow, was walking ... Full story

Severed heads found at hotel serving human flesh

If you thought eating horse meat was bad, spare a thought for these diners. Two freshly severed human heads wrapped in cellophane were reportedly discovered at ... Full story

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