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Severed heads found at hotel serving human flesh

If you thought eating horse meat was bad, spare a thought for these diners. Two freshly severed human heads wrapped in cellophane were reportedly discovered at ... Full story

Brazil journalist brain-dead after protest injury

A Brazilian television station said one of its cameramen was declared brain-dead after being injured during a violent protest last week in Rio de Janeiro. Band ... Full story

A lesson on how to prepare suicide bombs in Iraq goes wrong, killing 21 militants

The events underscored the determination of the insurgents to rebuild and regain the strength they enjoyed in Iraq at the height of the war until ... Full story

Grenade attack on Pakistan porn theatre kills 11

A TRIPLE grenade attack on a cinema showing pornography in northwest Pakistan has killed 11 people as government and Taliban negotiators met for a second ... Full story

Algerian C-130 Hercules carrying soldiers and families crashes, killing 103 people — reports

AN ALGERIAN military aircraft has crashed in the east of the country killing all 103 people on board, an Algerian security source said. The C-130 ... Full story

Man Tries To Sell His Girlfriend On eBay And Is Surprised When People Actually Bid On Her

Happy Valentine's Day? What started out as a joke turned into something entirely different after UK resident Shaun Coles listed his long-time girlfriend Debbie Moran ... Full story

Giraffe skinned and fed to lions as children look on

The healthy young giraffe put down in a zoo to prevent it from breeding has been skinned and fed to lions in front of members ... Full story

Terrified GI dog caught by Taliban

THE Taliban say they have captured a dog belonging to the US military following a raid in eastern Afghanistan late last year. A video posted ... Full story

Canadian boy starved to death by his own grandmother

JEFFREY Baldwin weighed as much as a one-year-old child when he died after being starved to death by his own grandmother. The little boy was ... Full story

British boy, 13, raped his eight-year-old sister after watching porn on an Xbox

A 13-year-old boy has admitted raping his eight-year-old sister after watching pornography on an Xbox. The teenager had seen the adult material with a friend and ... Full story

Indian man beheaded baby, licks up blood

A MAN has confessed to beheading a newborn and licking the blood dripping from its severed head as people watched horrified. The accused, Lakkhikanto Karmakar ... Full story

Yemeni girl leaves doctors speechless by crying STONES instead of tears

A 12-year-old girl has baffled doctors after crying stones instead of tears - with locals fearing she may be 'possessed'. Saadiya Saleh, who lives in ... Full story

Castaway 'survived a year adrift drinking turtle blood'

A fisherman has been pictured for the first time after spending what he claims was a year adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Jose Salvador Albarengo, originally ... Full story

Student armed with rifles shoots dead policeman and teacher at Moscow school

A 10TH-GRADE student armed with two rifles burst into his Moscow school and killed his 76-year-old geography teacher and a policeman before being taken into ... Full story

The group declaring 'hunting season' on gays

THEY post ads online luring people with the promise of sex and a bit of fun, but pleasure is the last thing they want to ... Full story

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