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New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda ejected for ball tampering in Boston

MICHAEL Pineda may or may not have the physical tools to be a successful major league pitcher. What we know after Wednesday night is that ... Full story

Boxer vows to fight on – after 51st defeat in row

Hollywood boxer Rocky Balboa said it was not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. But ... Full story

Is LeBron’s masked look more superhero or villain?

There might have been no stopping LeBron Thursday night against the Knicks, but there was definitely no stopping the outpouring of social media posts fixated ... Full story

Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper arrested in Los Angeles on rape warrant

Former football star Darren Sharper, wanted by New Orleans police as a suspect in two rapes, was arrested on Thursday in Los Angeles, where he ... Full story

Adidas pull 'Sexy' World Cupshirts after complaints

World Cup T-shirts featuring bikini-clad bottoms posing as hearts and cartoon beauties on the beach have been pulled from sale. The adidas shirts, featuring slogans like ... Full story

Basketball referees flee the court after stuffing up huge call

“RUN.” That was clearly the only thought going through the heads of these three basketball referees when they stuffed up a pivotal call in double ... Full story

Young football star Sharieff Inuka Rhaheed-Muhammed accused of impregnating 14-year-old cousin

A RISING football star has been arrested for allegedly having sex with his 14-year-old cousin and getting her pregnant. Sharieff Inuka Rhaheed-Muhammed, a 17-year-old gridiron ... Full story

Jason Collins wears 98 for murdered gay man

THE NBA’s first openly gay player, Jason Collins, will wear number 98 on his back in tribute to murdered gay man Matthew Shepherd who was ... Full story

Football fan beaten to death with iron bars by rival supporters

A man has been killed by rival football fans who reportedly kicked him and beat him with iron bars following a derby match. The 34-year old ... Full story

Jason Collins ‘doesn’t have to hide’ after becoming the NBA’s first openly gay basketball player

Jason Collins insisted he ‘doesn’t have to hide’ after becoming the first openly gay player to compete in one of America’s four major sports. The 35-year-old ... Full story

Finland beats U.S. to capture bronze in hockey

Finland hammered the United States 5-0 at the Sochi Games on Saturday to win their second consecutive Olympic men's ice hockey bronze medal. The Finns made ... Full story

Epic photo finish during Sochi ski cross

The battle for Olympic glory often sees competitors pushing themselves to the limit – and there’s no better example than in the quarter-finals of Ski ... Full story

Olympian Kate Hansen spotted a ‘wolf’ outside her dorm in Sochi

US winter Olympian Kate Hansen got the fright of her life when she opened her dorm door to see a wolf walking past. The 21-year-old ... Full story

Bobsledder Lolo Jones deletes video criticising food in Sochi’s Olympic Village

Bobsledder Lolo Jones isn’t happy with the food she’s being served in Sochi’s Olympic Village. Jones recently posted a video on Instagram which showed her ... Full story

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